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The Most Rev. ++ Dr. Terry W. Harris

Patriarch & Presiding Bishop

The Most Rev. ++ Dr. George W. Gaskin

Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Most Rev. ++ Dr. Perry W. Moore

Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Most Rev. ++ Dr. C. R. Mofokeng

Johanessburg, South Africa

The Right Rev. + Enoch Dusingizimana

Maryland, USA & Kigali, Rwanda

The Right Rev. + Richard Snyder

South of France

The Right Rev. + Fernando Ramos

Ecuador, South America

The Right Rev. + Luis Ramos

Ecuador, South America

Full Communion Partners
The Worldwide Anglican Church
- Formally the African Orthodox Church - founded in 1921

The Most Rev. ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson

Matriarch and Co-Presiding Bishop WAC

The Most Rev. ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira

Patriarch and Co-Presiding Bishop WAC