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The Most Reverend ++ Dr. Terry W Harris was born to a Christian Pastors home in Virginia. After graduating high school, he went on to study at UVA Germanna campus and pursued the field of justice and political science, forensic psychology and a Doctorate in divinity. His grace continued a long career in the DC area. Knowing that he had run from his Calling from the age of 15 to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, he came back to his Calling and launched out into ministry. In 1994, he began to travel part time and met the late Archbishop William Brown whom he served for many years. In 2000 he was consecrated to the office of Bishop under Archbishop Brown and TW Harris ministries expanded on an international platform for the next 15 years.

In 2015, Archbishop Brown invited him to serve in the International Anglican Orthodox Episcopal Communion as the provincial Archbishop of Foreign Fields, the General Secretary, and later as second Coadjutor.  Upon Archbishop Brown’s death in 2017, Archbishop Harris was elected Patriarch.

After losing his father, Archbishop Harris was hospitalized with an illness where he was then taken to the hospital and later expired. God reached into the hospital room where he laid lifeless and touched his body. He began to breathe again on a ventilator. He was transferred to a long-term facility where he was to live out is life never to speak or possibly walk again. God appeared to him after being in a coma with a mandate on his life. He was to come back and preach the gospel around the world and go back to the basics of preaching the cross of Jesus Christ globally. He got himself up out of bed and called for the doctors. To their amazement he began to speak and was released from the hospital two weeks later healed.

Over the past twelve months, Archbishop Harris has endured his illness with faith. He has flat lined several times but continues to lead the IAOEC, which he loves passionately. If you were to ask him if he wishes things had been different, his answer would be, “I wouldn’t change a thing that’s happened for all the money in the world. I now have 2020 vision on what God wants to do in the future.”


Dr. Gaskin received his PhD in Theology from Abundant Faith Apostolic Theological Seminary in 2016. He received a second doctorate from Abundant Faith Catholic Theological Seminary in 2017. Dr. Gaskin has served as the Chief Consultant for The National Redirection Resource Institute. As chief consultant, Dr. Gaskin organized and conducted educational seminars throughout South Los Angeles aimed informing the community about gangs and other at risk behaviors.
Prior to his work as chief consultant, Dr. Gaskin served a counselor with the California Youth Authority, where he gained his expertise in identifying and treating at risk behaviors. While serving at the Youth Authority, Dr. Gaskin was one of the developers and writers of the Employability Treatment Modality. This modalith was developed to reduce recidivism among youthful offenders.
Dr. Gaskin has served as the board chair for the Testimonial Community Love Center for serve rap years. The Love Center is a Faith based organization that houses four homeless shelter programs. Providing shelter, clothing, food, and casework services to their clients. Dr. Gaskin has also served as vice president of the Simon Foundation a non-profit organization that was aimed at providing financial assistance to under privileged students. He has served as vice president and chief of the speaker bureau for Ministry for Economic Development, an organization that helped churches develop economic programs for the building of affordable housing and other programs to boost economic growth in under served communities.


Bishop Dr Enoch B. Dusingizimana is a graduate of the International Graduate School of Ministry “IGSM” Place Bellevue, WA, USA and holds a Doctorate degree in ministry and diplomas in Expository Preaching and Exegesis, Advanced Leadership, Theological Studies, Commerce, Finances and Administration.

He is a Presiding Bishop & CEO of International Community of Christian Churches in Africa ICCCA-Inc &. CECA, CECIA-ICCCA Harvest Baptist Community that operates in Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, DRC, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana and Mozambique. He is a member of Justice and Freedom of Baptist World Alliance “BWA” and Former Vice President of All Africa Baptist Fellowship (A.A.B.F). He is a member of Religious Freedom and Justice Commission of Baptist World Alliance “BWA.” the former Vice President of Alliance Evangelical in Rwanda (AER) and the former President of Commission of Conflict Resolution, Peace, Unity and Reconciliation among Evangelical Churches in Rwanda and in Great Lakes Countries as Burundi and Congo-DRC.

He is a board member of International House of Bishops (IHOB) of International Anglican Orthodox Episcopal Communion “IAOEC-Inc” since June 2018 until the present. He has been serving as a minister of the Gospel since 1980 when he recognized Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Bishop Dr. Enoch B. Dusingizimana is currently the President and General Overseer (Global Senior Pastor) of International Community of Christian Churches in Africa “ICCCA-Inc” & CECA- CECIA-ICCCA Harvest Baptist Community; in ten countries in Africa and now has a vision to start the International Office of ICCCA Inc in the United Stated of America and others Countries Worldwide. He is the Founder and Chairman of Rwanda Gospel Advancing Ministries “RGAM” since 2004 in Rwanda and he is currently conducting research on Evangelism and Church Growth in Partnership with Movement African Initiative (MANI).” *Matthew 9:37: *Then He said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”